The following is a non-exclusive list of services available. Contact us for your specific needs.

Calendar Management

  • Schedule, confirm, reschedule and cancel meetings
  • Email copy of next day’s daily agenda on a pre-determined schedule
  • Text or email meeting and appointment reminders as needed
  • Meeting directions and other information sent via email
  • Complete calendar management including personal events

Email Management

  • General e-mail coverage: Generic email account is created and email is forwarded to that account or Assistant is given access to client email account. Email is monitored on a pre-determined schedule and is sorted. Routine requests are handled by Assistant and important items are left in client email account.

Task Management

  • Daily task management – list of priority items
  • Weekly task management – list of priority items
  • Maintain overall task list

Telephone Call Management

  • Forward calls to Assistant who responds to routine matters, meeting requests, etc

Bookkeeping Services

  • Pay bills or track bill due reminders
  • Send invoices and receipts
  • Fill out expense reports and track reimbursements
  • Create invoices and post payments

Personal/Concierge Services

  • Send flowers/gifts
  • Online ordering/research
  • Send hand written cards/notes
  • Order and arrange shopping for delivery
  • Schedule home and auto services
  • Make personal appointments

Travel Services

  • Research, book, confirm airline reservations, hotels, car rental, etc.
  • Vacation and travel activity research

Project Management

  • Project coordination—managing complex projects or simple task management
  • Other projects as needed

General Office Administration

  • Source and order services and supplies
  • Fill out routine paperwork

Writing and Editing Services

  • Writing and editing—creating first drafts or editing our client’s drafts
  • Editing and proofing—working on a variety of documents or other content

Social Media Assistance

  • Social media assistance—scheduling tweets, updating Facebook (or other services), and posting blog content

Presentation Services

  • Creating or editing PowerPoint presentations

File Management

  • File management and data collection—organizing files, collecting responses, or managing surveys

Database Management

  • Database management—entering new records, tagging records, or organizing lists

Client Communication

  • Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Email campaigns

What Else do you Need?

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